Ministerio de Reconciliacion y liberacion, Brandon, FL

Cristo salva, sana, restaura tu alma y te pone en ruta ganadora

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Projects on the agenda


Messages and Biblical Studies to face the challenges of modern life. Pastoral Counseling / Support.


  1. WELCOME TO LA PIEDRA VIVA CHURCH  - With many years of service in the ministry of the Word of God, we are dedicated to restoring, discipling and healing others so that our community can be strengthened. As a church and ministry, we know that the love, service and message of Jesus Christ is the way to improve ones life and to defeat the evils that afflict families and young people.

Community Services Center, Mi Refugio de Amor y Esperanza (My Refuge of Love and Hope)

We will build a Community Service Center adjacent to the Temple or Sanctuary to provide services to the community such as pastoral, biblical and family counseling, social assistance, spiritual and professional counseling and mentoring for young school dropouts, marriage counseling, English and Spanish classes, music classes and handicrafts, help for those to acquire their high school diploma, orientation for unemployed people and  immigrants, and the creation of a Support Group for young girls and women who are pregnant to continue with the pregnancy and avoid abortions, so that  they have the choice to raise the baby or give it up for adoption. This project, called "Mi Refugio de Amor y Esperanza", (My Refuge of Love and Hope) will operate under the supervision of the Church. We will need to hire professional and certified counselors, mentors, licensed psychologists and social workers. As part of the counseling work we will offer mentoring, emotional and spiritual support, support from health care providers and others. We need to recruit volunteers and contract certified people. It is a major project, but it is possible with the help of God and the help and the commitment of each person, in prayer, passion, compassion and financially. We will need sonographers to perform ultrasound tests and echocardiography to perform echocardiogram tests. Our plans are to also have a kitchen and dining room to serve hot meals and fast meals at least once a week to indigent people. The dining room should have a capacity of over 300 people, since it will also be used for church activities.

Real testimonials

Come and listen the great things God does with people who want to serve Him.

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Jesus said: whoever comes to me, I will not push them away

We are sharing good news for everyone

We are in route to have a Sanctuary or Temple  built to accommodate hundreds of people that is in line with all current construction and security codes that are in force. This place must have a baptistry, padded chairs, audio and visual lighting equipment, and the entire facility must comply with all the requirements demanded by regulatory agencies such as ramps for people with disabilities and reasonable  interior  accommodation for those persons. The building will have restrooms services for men and women including accomodations for people with disabilities and an area for the care of infants and babies for those attending the church services or activities. The buidling will also have administrative offices and rooms for pastoral and group counseling.


Q  - I was a Christian before, can I return to be reconciled with God? 

A -  God never stopped loving you. As our Heavenly Father, he wants and expects you to return to be reconciled with Him. He sees only a heart thirsting for His forgiveness.

Q -  I have never been a Christian, because I believe that God will never forgive me for everything I have done. Is there hope for me?

A  - God's forgiveness is broad. There is forgiveness for you and all who want to receive it through faith in Jesus Christ. Come with sincere repentance and God will receive you as a son or daughter.

Q -  I'm afraid of failing God. Would you still receive me?

A - Surely yes. God gave us the task of preaching and receiving all who come. We will help you so that your faith is firm and you can grow and mature in the Christian life experience.

Bienvenidos a la Iglesia la Piedra Viva

Con muchos años en el ministerio estamos dedicados a restaurar, discipular y sanar a otros para que nuestra comunidad se fortalezca. Como iglesia y ministerio, sabemos que el amor, el servicio y el mensaje de Cristo, son el camino a una mejor vida y derrotar los males que aquejan a las familias y a los jóvenes. UNETE LOS DOMINGOS A NUESTRAS CRUZADAS DE EVANGELISMO A LAS 10 AM.